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kWh - definition

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The symbol "kWh" is commonly used in commercial, educational, scientific and media publications,4 and is the usual practice in electrical power engineering. Other abbreviations and symbols may be encountered: "kW h" is less commonly used.
It is consistent with SI standards (but note that the kilowatt-hour is a non-SI unit).

The international standard for SI states that in forming a compound unit symbol, "Multiplication must be indicated by a space or a half-high (centered) dot (?), since otherwise some prefixes could be misinterpreted as a unit symbol" (i.e., kW h or kW?h).

This is supported by a voluntary standard6 issued jointly by an international (IEEE) and national (ASTM) organization.
However, at least one major usage guide and the IEEE/ASTM standard allow "kWh" (but do not mention other multiples of the watt hour).
One guide published by NIST specifically recommends avoiding "kWh" "to avoid possible confusion". The US official fuel-economy window sticker for electric vehicles uses the abbreviation "kW-hrs". Variations in capitalization are sometimes seen: KWh, KWH, kwh etc. "kW?h" is, like "kW h", preferred with SI standards, but it is very rarely used in practice. The notation "kW/h", as a symbol for kilowatt-hour, is not correct. Źródło: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilowatt_hour

Wholesale for electricians

Many electricians providing electrical services, such as repair of electrical installations requires reliable and proven place where they could procure the necessary materials such as, for example, cables or wires.

Therefore, many people in the industry decides to cooperate with the wholesale of electrical materials.

Without the proper equipment electrician it is not yet able to perform even the simplest repairs requiring hardware replacement.
Wholesale materials allow electrical supply is needed in these articles; mediate between the manufacturer and individual customers.

Continuous monitoring parameters of electrical equipment

Electricians are very necessary personnel especially in large industrial plants.
With such a huge production, reaching sometimes up to tens of tons per day, continuous supervision of the relevant parameters of devices working in the production plant is necessary.
It allows not only to maintain the proper functioning of electrical appliances and any other, but also a very quick response when a possible failure.
Many equipment manufacturers have to be plugged in to be able to work freely, and therefore supervision electrician on a given device is necessary..

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